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"Being a painter is like having the ability to move a landscape

and shape it in ways you could only imagine."


I have been an artist all of my life. I used to spend hours, as a kid sketching and teaching myself how to draw both realistic portraits and silly cartoon characters. After high school I focused on graphic design and photography. This lead me to Ball State University where I studied all aspects of the fine arts. Although I graduated with a BFA in Graphic Design and a minor in Dance Performance, I completely fell in love with painting all over again. I remember telling myself, "No matter what career I have, it's going to be one that I love and that I can spend the rest of my life enjoying!" 

I contribute my creative ideas from my imagination, the landscapes that surround me and images taken from near & far. My love for color-trends and texture shine through my work which is a major reflection of my background in graphic design. My style is called Impasto, meaning "thick paint,” and my tool of choice is a palette knife. I view myself as an impressionist with hints of modern realism. I first began painting in a swatch-like pattern from studying the works of Paul Cezanne during my years in college. The way he layered paint in swatches of color to build up an image brought me into his world and way of thinking.


I love being a mom to my three beautiful children. I’m a wife to my husband and best friend, Wade, and I’m very fortunate to have owned a successful photography business with him for over 14 years now (Square Mouth Studios). I’m excited to continue my journey as a painter and to see where God will guide me down my artistic path.



"When I paint, everything is quiet. No worries. No stress.

Just a little escape to a place I love. It truly is my calling."


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