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Welcome! I'm so excited that you've stopped by. Here, you will be able to find all of my current work for sale, replica prints of my favorite paintings and lots of great gifts. You may find something you can't live without!


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"Being a painter is like having the ability to move a landscape

and shape it in ways you could only imagine."


As an Indiana artist, for over 16 years, I’ve enjoyed creating custom pieces for clients all over the U.S. I’ve spent many years in local galleries and in small interior design shops around Indianapolis.


I contribute my creative ideas from my imagination, the landscapes that surround me and images taken from near and far. My love for color-trends and texture shine through my work which is a major reflection of my background in graphic design. My style is called Impasto, meaning “thick paint,” and my tool of trade is a palette knife. I view myself as an Impressionist with hints of modern realism.


I first began painting in a swatch-like pattern from studying the works of Paul Cezanne during my years in college.

I loved the way he layered paint, in swatches of color to build up an image.


My consistent collector’s list includes local residents, as well as residents in California, Florida, Colorado, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Massachusetts, South Carolina, Michigan and Illinois.


Currently, I reside in Fishers, IN with my husband and 3 cute kiddos and I work primarily from my home studio. 

I’m excited to continue my journey as a painter and to see where God will guide me down my artistic path.



"When I paint, everything is quiet. No worries. No stress.

Just a little escape to a place I love. It truly is my calling."


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